Night Guards

Most people suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding). Grinding your teeth can damage your enamel, cause your teeth and gums to wear, cause jaw pain, as well as other potentially damaging effects from unnecessary pressure on your teeth. Night guards are custom fitted to your mouth so that it is comfortable and allows for proper breathing at night.









Sports guards / protective mouth guards

For athletes engaged in any contact sport, there is a risk of structural damage to your teeth and jaws, as well as soft tissue lacerations to the cheek or tongue. The American Dental Association (ADA) estimates that the use of mouth guards prevents approximately 200,000 injuries per year in high school and college football alone.  Custom-made mouth guards provide stability to your jaw and cushion potential blows that can cause severe dental injuries, including:

  • Broken teeth
  • Jaw fractures
  • Tongue, cheek and lip injuries
  • Gum damage

Over-the-counter stock mouth guards are generally uncomfortable, ill-fitting, and have minimal protective layers to absorb the shock of impacts. Wearing a mouth guard can prevent a serious injury!